About Macu Drone Solutions

We provide professional aerial filming and photography services, as well as full post-production services for all manner of aerial applications.

We are a professional team of experts dedicated to providing reliable aerial photography and videography services, coupled with exceptional customer service.

WE OFFER YOUPremium Grade Services

That ensure you get all you want and more from your investment in us by infusing creativity, skill, and an innate passion for innovation!

What started out as a small passion for these intricate flying machines has blossomed into a dedication to push ourselves further, and ensure we meet every client with the care and consideration they deserve.

Our Strengths

What sets us apart from other Aerial Photography and Videography service providers.
We cut no corners when it comes to completing each service through dedication and a willingness to adapt.
We deliver brilliant results using state-of-the-art technology during the shooting and production phases.
Every member on our team has the same drive that we do and the credentials to back them.
We take pride in the quality of our work during the shooting and production of every project.

Why Choose Us?

Four important reasons to pick us for your upcoming event.
Trained & Skilled
Our operators are trained and always ready to provide you with pictures and videos of exceptional quality.
Quick Turnaround
We understand the importance of deadlines, and complete each and every project on time, every time.
Satisfied Clients
We go above and beyond to deliver a service that meets (and exceeds) our clients’ expectations.
Bringing Vision To Reality
Whether you are a local organizer hoping to ignite some excitement into your event or a corporate executive searching for the most innovative promotional tool, we are committed to bringing your vision to life.

Meet Our Drones

We cut no corners when it comes to utilizing innovative technology to its fullest extent, which is why we have carefully selected the best drones to fulfill a variety of aerial needs – so you can look forward to your event knowing every moment will be captured in the best possible way. Commanded by professionally certified drone pilots, our fleet consists of three different DJI drones.
Mavic Mini
Perfect for tight spaces too difficult for a regular drone to enter, so even the smallest of areas are possible to capture.
Mavic Air 2
Captures images with 48 megapixels for paramount quality, so you can revisit every moment with unparalleled clarity.
Made for the modern business. This drone is essential when it comes to 3D mapping for a variety of business needs.

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